Artist Marlene Dumas

Last year, Marlene Dumas put on a show in New York at the Museum of Modern Art called “Measuring Your Own Grave.”  After reading about the South African painter and seeing some samples of her work, I had to go and see her work in person.

When I walked into the first room of the exhibit, I was immediately taken.  Her color choices are brilliant.  Each piece has a small pallet, some with only one or two colors, and are painted very simply.  But it is not just her color choices or the subject, it is that Marlene Dumas has that certain something special.  “Measuring Your Own Grave” featured subjects that most people would view as ugly: prostitutes, creepy children and dead bodies.  Yet as I walked around the gallery, Dumas made me look at these people differently through her work, and as I did so, all I could see were beautiful pieces of art.

For more information on “Measuring Your Own Grave”:


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