a clip from M.I.A. at Hard NYC

After her appearance at NYC’s Hard Festival on June 24th, M.I.A. has been receiving even more flack.  Along with sound problems like her mike not being turned on, it also rained very very hard.  The show was shut down, and M.I.A. is going to put on a free show to make up for it.  But, all the people on the “M.I.A. sucks” bandwagon are saying that this is just more proof that she is a terrible musician.  Well, clearly I disagree and am a huge fan of hers, but I am not alone.  Although most write ups about her have been negative, check out Nylon Magazine’s article from their June/July issue for some enlightenment.  (Here is a link to a free virtual copy: http://www.zinio.com/reader.jsp?issue=416127618&o=ext)  Not only did they give a good review of her new album, they also write about how she is a visual artist first and a singer second.  That’s right.  So hate on her all you want, but there is no denying that she is a talented artist.  How many other visual artists have performed at the Grammys?  Her sound, style, and visuals have always been out of nowhere and hard to understand, but that is why I like her.  Thank you M.I.A. for not selling out.


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