ratatat put on the best show i’ve seen since

Miike Snow played the Hawthorne Theater last April.

Yeah, I debated saying that because I have seen a lot of other good shows since, but damn.  The energy was so high as the sold out crowd waited for them to come on stage.  It took some persuasion by Donny for me to even stay up in the balcony for one song to get a video.  After that it was a straight dance party.  The other videos from on the floor turned out really well.  All the holograms and screens they used for their visuals did rad things with my camera.  Check em out, I even caught part of Wildcat.


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2 responses to “ratatat put on the best show i’ve seen since

  1. hannah g

    what was the first song they played?!! suuchh a good show, i wish i had the complete setlist written down somewhere. if you know the first song, please let me know what it was!

    • catherinethompson

      i have a video of it, but the sound is pretty bad… here is the link anyway, tho:

      at times you can hear it a little better, and once they get into it, you can probably tell what song it is.

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