Argyle by Grant Hottle

Messy Room by Grant Hottle

Two Story by Grant Hottle

So Romantic by Grant Hottle

Check out these rad paintings by Oregon grad Grant Hottle.  I took a couple classes from Grant, one when he was getting his Masters as a GTF and once as a Professor.  Now that I think of it, the first class I had with him was my first painting class ever.  I turned out some seriously terrible pieces too.  I remember one day Grant walked up to me and said, “That is a really shitty painting.”  I told him I knew that.  He said, “Yeah, but it’s almost so shitty It’s good” and walked away.

Anyway, his drawings are pretty kick ass too, so check it all out at

Or better yet, he has a show opening next Thursday October 14th called Stories, with a reception from 5-7. The show runs through November 12th.

[SAM Gallery, 1220 Third Ave., Seattle]

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