my life in stills

I had this dream about a year ago…

where I was a roller blading [or is it inline skating?] fool.  I was shredding up the streets, doing tricks, and just kicking ass all around.  When I awoke, I realized that I had to find some blades, and that day finally came.  Now, I can’t say that I was even remotely good, but I will give myself some credit for not falling when I had to go over speed bumps.  Anyway, I’ve been using the mini wheels to glide over to the pool in the afternoons and I have to admit that they’re a good time.

Otherwise, here are some snapshots of the past week or so >>>

next up Coachella, where I will be shaking my booty all weekend long.

_ cat




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2 responses to “my life in stills

  1. I had completely forgotten that Coachella was this weekend. I envy you the music, the people, and the warmth!

  2. Shelly Sullens

    oh! the sky! beautiful…
    and I am glad you are enjoying the roller blades

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