sit yer ars dwn

I’ve been really into chairs lately.  My perfect chair is one that is low profile, simple and modern, but a stand out chair of any time or era can grab my attention.  It’s funny to me because my mother has always had thing for chairs and I never really cared about them until recently.  Growing up, any given day could be the day that my Mother brings home a unique and more often than not, antique chair.  At times there would be a chair surplus and I would watch as furniture was shifted around to find a purpose for the unneeded new seat in the house.  But my own chair attraction lies more with the functionality and design of the piece.  If the chair doubles as a sculpture from the right angle or is made of one continuous piece of (preferably re used or up cycled) material then it has found its way into my top tier of booty resters.  If it can satisfy my desire to sit comfortably as well as help me keep a small apartment running efficiently then that is better still.

This new obsession of mine will find its way into future posts I’m sure >> until then, here are some interesting chair I’ve found.

Images via Tumblr.

_ cat

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