the soft opening + upcoming projects

Had a lot of fun last night with Yoshimi + Cara AKA David Bowie and an angry Russian.  We bar hopped around n were a bit disappointed by the lack of costumes being worn, but Cara said it was just the Soft Opening of the weekend.  Agreed.  I’m going to up the anti with fake tattoos and a fake gun for tonight’s Fundrager.  Yoshi said she’s probably going to be a giraffe tonight instead of Bowie, looking forward to all the costumes.

In other news, my opening in Palm Springs is just two weeks away!!  [for info scroll down to a few posts back]  I’m working hard and really excited to display my new series.  I’m also in the midst of a project with the band A Silent Film which I am really excited about.  I’m working on the artwork for their upcoming album and it’s coming along beautifully.  That album will come out in the spring and it will be so fun to show you all what I’ve done, as well as hear the new music that they have created in the Arizona dessert.  They are such a talented band, really great guys and the energy around the project is really positive + fun.

That’s also why my posts have been less frequent <> But for a good reason!

Here is a look at a brief moment of last night >>

_ cat


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