so close so far

I am right there, near the end of completing all the work for my November 12th art show in Palm Springs.  I’m sleep deprived, anxious, ready, excited and finding all the inner strength and power I can to keep moving forward in order to make this the best show possible.  But it’s about this time in my creative process that I start to really question all my work.  After birthing each painting and drawing, I come to a point where I start to wonder if it’s good at all.  I start to hate some pieces, loathe even.  Then the pendulum swings and I think they are finished and beautiful.  Then it swings again.  I wish I could say that I always love everything I make and put out into the world, but I know I am not the only artist that feels this way.  My perfectionism rears its big, ugly face during this time and I see each piece in a series of layers that each need criticism.  I try to let that go and see it for it’s overall appearance, but cannot because of the emotional layers that lie beneath.

Today’s the day my show ships south to where the weather is warm and the air is dry.  I have so much to do today, but look forward to letting the pieces go.  I will see them next week along with hundreds of other people.

My pasty skin hasn’t seen much sun since I last was in Palm Springs for a show [April].  I imagine a trip to the Ace is in order <> poolside.

At the edge <>

Images via Tumblr.

_ cat


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  1. Shelly Sullens

    Dear Cat, I relate to your comment on your post. When I create something I feel so delighted and proud. But then, I wonder why others don’t always make over the piece like I would like for validation. Trust in your feelings and feel delight. Your feelings are real. Best wishes to you in the upcoming show.
    Nameste, Shelly

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