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Friday night at the Tacoma Dome was beyond.  After stressing in traffic, running way late and rushing to the venue to see Kanye West and Jay Z, aka The Throne, perform… we ended up making it with 15 minutes to spare.  Most of the dome was full of eager, frustrated concert goers who had been waiting for over an hour and a half.  But once the lights dropped, it didn’t matter.  I ended up forgetting my camera, of course, but used my iPhone to capture an essence of the show.  Although, the visuals were so good that I decided not to take photos for the most part so that I could just watch + enjoy it.  And dance my ass off, of course.

After the lights dropped and the music started, Kanye rose out of the middle of the crowd on a 20′ tall box with images of a fierce dog barking and growling encircling his platform.  I was so engaged visually with the platform that I hadn’t even noticed Jay Z right in front of me on his own technicolored platform.  That 20′ rise put Hov directly in front of me and on my level.  From that point on the show was full of nonstop hits, visually striking and beautifully organized.  Two and half hours of songs by two heavy weights were interwoven in a way that took us through their journey as artists.  They would rise and then lower on the boxes in the middle of the arena, then they would both go to the main stage and perform together.  Later, they would switch up boxes, giving a close up shot of each artist to the entire venue.  By the end of the show I felt encouraged by both giants to continue pursuing my passions + be a free thinker.  All around their show was high energy and positivity.

There were a couple Kanye moments, but would the show have been complete otherwise?


I am so glad I caught the show, it was a classic night all around + I have a feeling that this tour is one for the books.

_ cat


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