some of my sketches circa 2008/9

Life in 2012 is a trip.

Some people socialize primarily online, others shun the virtual social networks…  Then for those that do use the various platforms, you have some who like Twitter, not into Facebook, some are for Tumblr, some very anti Tumblr… so it’s with this in mind that I have decided not to completely separate this blog from my Tumblr, because I have learned that not everyone can see my Tumblr page and not everyone wants to sign up to do so.

Simplification is where it’s at.

So instead of having this blog be all my own work n none of my influences, I’m going to focus on my own content while continuing to sprinkle in what’s getting me going of late.

I found an old sketchbook, maybe from 2009?  Thought I’d share a couple pages…

I remember being really into drawing with white out during this time.




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One response to “some of my sketches circa 2008/9

  1. Holy rediscovery, like summoning a flood of memory. These are gorgeous and so moving. Holding each moment captive. Traces of a time machine. Found you in every piece.

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