wild horses

There is a pack of wild horses not far from my parent’s cabin in the mountains of Idaho.  They roam this large section of land that is privately owned but hasn’t been developed in any way and is surrounded by rivers and mountains without any access roads.  When I first started seeing them off in the distance I was floored.  Naturally, the Rolling Stones’ classic track starts playing in my mind when I see them or think about them.  But the stories I’ve heard about their beaten up bodies (they are often vying for the alpha position), dreaded hair and over all badassness are what really intrigue me.  They are beautiful in a fierce, raw sort of way.  I have taken a couple photos from afar of the pack of horses, but nothing up close.  The stories that I’ve been told by friends and family who have gotten close are exciting to hear but scary as well, there definitely is no church in the wild.

Images via Tumblr.

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