it’s all in your hands

One of the first things I started to draw were hands.  If you looked through my old school notebooks you would see that they were littered with hands in various positions.  Not your typical teen age angst driven middle finger type, though of course there would be a few of those too, but me just working on perspectives and angles.  Repetition.  Hands, hands, hands.  One of the first charcoal drawings I really spent time on was from an image of a Rodin sculpture of two intertwining hands.  I remember it was put up in my high school hallway by the main office, and while I was excited by the exposure, I only once or twice stole a glimpse of it on view and otherwise shied away from it completely.  Now that I use my hands as my main tool, beating them up with regular use, it’s clear that I will never be a hand model.  I will however, continue to throw them up at shows, make shadow puppets, paint, and be fascinated by how much of our emotions can be seen through them.

Images via Tumblr, 2nd photo Olivia Lazer.

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