NYC photo journal

A couple weekends ago Donny n I made our way to NYC for a late Spring, long weekend.  The weather, company + daily activities were perfect and we compressed as much as we could in each day.  My only complaint I have is with my hair, which acted like a rebellious child all weekend and hit critical mass the night of my exhibition in Time Square when I had an unfortunate Elaine from Seinfeld moment.  But hey, it’s all good.  Crazy to see a painting of mine projected in the middle of chaotic Time Square.  Just another example that this life is a trip and if you are bold + willing, it will take you everywhere.


Images via Donny.

_ cat


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One response to “NYC photo journal

  1. Morgan

    Congrats Catherine! I bet you felt accomplished after seeing ur art displayed so publically like that. How cool! You have a great eye for color and contrast and lines. I like it. Keep working hard and life will take you to more exciting venues I’m sure.

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