Catherine M. Thompson is an artist based out of Portland, Ore.  Influenced by the work of Monet and Picasso, Thompson blends texture and abstraction of form with the raw expression of street art.  Inspiration is drawn from the pigments and geometries found in nature and at times are juxtaposed with cutting elements of urban decay.  Found objects and reclaimed materials are used to create mixed media pieces that focus on conscious consumption, offering new life to re-contextualized excess.

Thompson earned a Bachelor of Science in Art degree from the University of Oregon in 2008.  Her work has been shown in Portland, Palm Springs and Los Angeles.  In addition to her paintings, Catherine is an active participant in the live music scene, where she creates concert tees, posters, album covers and booklet art for bands both domestically and internationally.  Her work has been published in fashion and literary magazines, and her painting “Wishful Thinking” was chosen as the best visual art piece of the 2010 edition of Perception Magazine.  A recent collaboration includes upcoming shoe brand Bucketfeet, which gives back to communities around the world.

6 responses to “artist

  1. Lorin for Detroitmusiccollage

    I would like to work with you on a project. are you on skype?

  2. Brenda

    I luv ur blog!

  3. wow, I love the blue and pink flowers off on the right side of your blog, I’d love to have some fabric like that! Really nice, keep making art!


  4. Hi Catherine,
    I love your artwork on the A Silent Film album! I was wondering if it would be possible to have a short interview with you to post on A Silent Film’s Fan Forum? I know the fans as well as I would love to learn more about your inspiration and connection with the band. You can contact me at my email: . thank you for your time – I look forward to your response.

  5. Cat are you single. Your gorgeous and creative.

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