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an interview with A Silent Film

Borrowed from A Silent Film’s website:

Catherine Marie Thompson is the artist behind all of the images used for the Sand & Snow packaging. We caught up with her in Portland to talk about it all…

Hey Cat, thanks for talking with us. So you’re based in Portland, Oregon. Being a very contempoary, art-based town, do you find living there helps you with your creativity and opportunity as an artist?

Absolutely.  The creative community here is very alive and vibrant, which provides constant inspiration, open communication about creative ideas and doesn’t limit my creativity in any way.  It’s a unique city to live in and that is why I am here.  Any given day I could meet someone with a new project to work on or space to have an exhibition.  Plus, it’s always interesting to be surrounded by artists.

You’re part of an installation show in Times Square soon right?

Yes!  I submitted a portfolio to participate in an unprecedented, large scale art exhibition in Time Square and was voted in by people from all over the world to participate.  The goal is to get people to stop and look at art in a place that is very busy and generally full of advertisements.  The exhibition is put on by a company out of NYC called Artists Wanted, which gives recognition to new creative talent.

Tell us about the cover painting for Sand & Snow, ‘You Are Small’…

‘You Are Small’ is a painting I did that organically captured my thoughts and feelings.  I grew up in the mountains of Idaho and have spent a lot of time on the road traveling.  I love to watch the landscape change, the colors morph into bold highlights… I am very inspired by nature.  I chose the title ‘You Are Small’ because that is how I feel when in the presence of such great natural beauty.  All my stresses seem so small in comparison and it is very comforting.  For me, mountains have a sense of Home and these unique mountains I painted emerged onto the canvas straight out of my subconscious.  Like everything in nature, the mountains are in a state of transformation, though their lifespan is much greater than ours, and the liberties I took in this painting represent that.

You did a total of four paintings for the campaign. Do you have a favourite piece or is there one that holds more sentimental value to you?

I’m torn on this one.  ‘You Are Small’ holds a special place for me, but the others do as well.  I like the “eagle” piece I did for the album because of the way the wings melt into the sky.  Both pieces show that constant transformation of nature that is a common theme in my work, but in different ways.  But I also really like the abstract texture piece I did, which has a way of referencing both the terrestrial and the extraterrestrial all at once.  I like keeping the interpretations open in my work, it invites the viewer to pose his or her own questions, or thoughts on the work.  When people come up with a conclusion about a painting’s meaning, I believe that they are all correct, there is no right or wrong answer.

Are you pleased with how the paintings were used? The layout utilising the diamond shapes must have been a surprise to you the first time you saw it?

Yes!  I love how the album turned out.  It was so fun to see it in the flesh for the first time.  The diamonds are fantastic and I enjoy the way they are used throughout the booklet.  I really love geometric shapes, too and the way that plays off of my work looks great.  I also appreciate that the lyrics to your songs were placed in the booklet.  Not everyone does that and I find it to be nice when that happens.  It’s very clean and modern, but also practical.  I can’t wait for the vinyl to come out.

Where can people check out more of your work? 

My work is online at and I keep a blog where I show pieces in development, sketches and what is inspiring me whether it’s visual art, music, fashion or architecture, etc.  The blog can be accessed through my website.

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A Silent Film @ Mississippi Studios

Last Thursday night in Portland I got to catch up with Karl, Ali, Spencer + Robert of A Silent Film.  It was the first time I had the opportunity to see the physical copy of the album featuring the art work I created, as well as see the band since their show this past July.  We had a killer night, danced + celebrated the band’s hard work and their new album release.  I love catching shows at Mississippi Studios and A Silent Film brings electric energy to the stage.  Check them out if they come near your city, you’ll have a great time.

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Sand & Snow

I’m very excited about the latest album release from A Silent Film.  Their album, Sand & Snow, came out this past Tuesday on iTunes and includes the album artwork that I painted for the band.  Tonight, at Mississippi Studios in Portland, Ore, they will be performing along with two opening bands.  It will be fun to catch up with the British band and hear their new songs live.  I’m looking forward to seeing the physical copy of the album, the way they incorporated the images for their live set and enjoy the music.  Live music feeds my soul + this show tonight will be especially meaningful.

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new work for A Silent Film

Yesterday, the band A Silent Film out of Oxford, England unveiled the first look at their upcoming album artwork.  I am excited for everyone to see the paintings that I created for the band >>>

Here is a taste.

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classic night

Last night we checked out the A Silent Film show at Mississippi Studios in Portland.  It’s always good catching up with the band, especially when they play one of my favorite venues in town.  They performed a killer set that included some new songs from their upcoming album, which I loved and got down to.  A highlight of my night was seeing the heart that I drew for them on Spencer’s drum.  As an artist who adores music, it was special and exciting to see.  I awoke today with their song Driven By A Beating Heart in my head, which seems fitting for the evening.

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the sound of silence

If you haven’t checked them out already, I’d definitely recommend taking a sonic journey with the UK band A Silent Film.  The band is gearing up for their Spring 2011 North American tour, and if they happen to be in your area, do yourself a favor and go to their show.

After a chance meeting when they were in Portland, touring with The Temper Trap, I’ve been working with them to create their concert tees, and will be involved with their next album artwork.  I’m looking forward to their upcoming show at The Hawthorne Theatre on March 10th, as well as some potential mischief.

Check out their upcoming tour dates to see if they are headed your way.

Images via Karl Bareham.

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I ♥ Portland

The line up for this year’s A December To Remember concert series is crazy.  Last night we saw A Silent Film and The Temper Trap, which were both kick ass + impressive.  They must have been, because I have been listening to them all morning.  Here are a couple shots from our night.

Wanna get an ear full yourself?  Listen to A Silent Film here and The Temper Trap here.


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