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There are so many elements that draw me into an Anthony Lister painting.  The bold color scheme rubs me the right way, as well as his simple brush strokes and interesting renderings of notable comic book heroes.  In addition to being a painter, he is also an installation artist, and his shows generally include the remnants of a house party strewn around the space.  This element in his work has put him in a label known as the Lowbrow Art Movement. After reading about this so called art movement, I have decided that most Portland artists right now would likely be classified similarly.  But enough about that, check out his work below and see for yourself.

Anthony Lister, Fat Batman, 2007.

Anthony Lister, Lola as Robin Diptych, 2009.

Anthony Lister, Wolverine Diptych, 2008.

Anthony Lister, Skeletor Diptych, 2008.

Anthony Lister, Wonderwoman Diptych, 2008.

Anthony Lister, Spinning Tricks, 2007.

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