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A couple months ago I came across artist Aurel Schmidt’s work in Muse magazine and I instantly connected with it.  Not because of the cigarettes per se, but because of the humor.  In addition to colored pencils, she uses her vices to create the image as well.  Her work features burn outs, coffee stains and beer as shading, and always in a light manor.  Beyond the novelty of that, she is an amazing artist, rendering her drawings as well as any still life artist, but with a more real, modern take on it.

Last night, while looking through my stacks of magazines (I knew there was a legitimate reason for keeping them around) I rediscovered her work.  I think that the timing is perfect for making this post, especially in response to the post a few days back about female artists.  Not only are there many female artists making statements currently, but just last week I read an article by Jerry Saltz of New York Magazine in which he mentioned that female artist are creating the most interesting work right now, in his opinion.

Artist | Aurel Schmidt

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