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happy Friday

From Cat n Banksy.

Images via my Tumblr.

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the death of street art

The other day I got into a conversation about the state of street art.  After watching Exit Through The Gift Shop and seeing Banksy’s work sell in swanky galleries, as well as the whole Mr. Brainwash bullshit, is it safe to say that street art is dead?

The tag below, which was done by UK artist Mobstr, seems to confirm the notion.

Image via Tumblr, as seen on Animal New York.

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Banksy’s tag tour

There seems to be a tag war going on in the New York City metro area.  Banksy, a famous British graffiti artist, has been tagging different buildings around the city in the last week or so, but gasp- they have already been tagged over by OMAR, a NYC graffiti artist.

Before making his way to New York City, Banksy created this piece in Boston.

For updates on this story, check out

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