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Oh hay Tess.

The above photo of my girl Tess was taken this past Memorial Day Weekend at the Sasquatch Music Fest.  We shared an intergallatic adventure while working our way toward the front of the crowd to catch Passion Pit and eventually Band of Horses.  They played a killer show and was one of the highlights of the festival for both of us.  It seems only natural for other artists to agree about Band of Horses, which leads me to the topic of today’s post…

I’m always a big fan of unexpected collabs/remixes, especially when it’s from some of my favorite artists.  Check out Cee Lo’s version of the Band of Horses track “No-one’s Gonna Love You” and the video that goes along with it. [below]  Additionally, you can buy a vinyl split single record with both this cut and a Band of Horses cover of Cee Lo’s Georgia. And to add a little spice, listen to Kid Cudi’s remix of one of my favorite Band of Horses tracks “Funeral.”

Ok, I suppose I’ll start off with the originals.

No-one’s Gonna Love You by Band of Horses

Funeral by Band of Horses

No-one’s Gonna Love You by Cee Low

The Prayer by Kid Cudi

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