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Courtney Love

Last night I watched the new Behind The Music of Courtney Love.  If you haven’t seen it, it’s available at for free and is worth checking out.  Like most notorious rock stars, Courtney had a rough childhood to say the least.  Around the age of 3 her dad gave her acid, her confused mother treated Courtney and her siblings like psychology experiments, and eventually she was abused by the therapist her parents forced her to see.  Before 6th grade, Courtney knew she had to get the hell out of her home, she started writing songs, creating bands, and dreamed of being a rock star.

Her story continues and the hard blows keep on coming.  Yet through all the trying times, it is her will and strength that perseveres.  She has been crucified by the media, made an ass of herself numerous times, and has even been accused of killing her husband.  If she ever wanted a reason to just give up, she had many to choose from.  Instead, she keeps moving forward.

Had she died during the grunge era, she probably would have been made out to be a legend.  Instead, she’s still here and has gone on to live more highs and lows.  I admire the way she goes for what she wants, and now have a new appreciation for the rebellious rocker.

Here is a video circa 1991, enjoy.

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