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creepy meet creepy

All the news reports of birds dropping dead are pretty eerie.  My mind went from there to Francis Bacon.

Detail from Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion, ca. 1944, by Francis Bacon.

_ cat

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friday the thirteenth

Aside from being freaked out by the way the 13th looks spelled out, I figured we could all get freaky with some art by Francis Bacon.  I used to dread the dark side and thought that it just wasn’t for me, but now I have fun with it.  I remember having to draw something scary for an art class in college (which I wasn’t into), and my drawing actually scared me when I looked at it in completion.  I guess that says two things about me:  1.  I am a pussy.  2.  There are things within me that are dark and should be embraced.  Maybe that is why I moved to rainy Portland, where darkness rules for most of the year?  Hmm, now I wanna go draw.

Francis Bacon, Study after Velazquez’s Portrait of Pope Innocent X, 1953.

Francis Bacon, Head 1, 1953.

Francis Bacon, Untitled (Two Figures in the Grass), c. 1952.

Francis Bacon, Second Version of Painting, 1946.

Francis Bacon, Head III, 1949.

_image sources unknown, found via google image search_

I couldn’t help but add this Batman clip to this post.  Every time I think of Francis Bacon I remember how his painting was the only painting the Joker didn’t ruin in this movie.  Rad cameo by a ghetto blaster too.

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