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I found (in my neglected trunk of my car) an old art book of mine.  Aside from being an art geek, I’m also an art book nerd; go figure.  Anyway, I noticed looking through the book of contemporary artists that most of the images are shocking in some way.  The overly conceptual work of many artists, to me, can begin to get just too complicated.  Even if the end result is simple, many times the idea is very complex.  Then I came across the page that had work by Gabriel Orozco and the above cibachrome he did in 1991.  I felt such a connection to how simple the images are.  I’m guessing that most people have made impressions in clay at some point, or even play dough, and that alone holds a strong resonance to the work.  Not all of Orozco’s work is so simple, but these images are my favorite.

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