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Portland Biennial 2012

Since being back in Portland, after my Colorado Winter hiatus, I have quickly caught back up on my art openings, dive bars and pool playing. In the last week ish, I checked out the First Thursday openings in the Pearl District as well as one of the Portland Biennial openings at Disjecta.  The show at Disjecta was exciting to see.  The Biennial features 24 artists who have been creating work in the Portland area for at least a couple years and is a survey of the best work happening right now.  One of my friends and former professors, Grant Hottle, was chosen for the show and he created his largest painting to date.  Roughly 9 x 12′, that’s a guess, his painting was exactly what I want to see in a big show.  The other art work was well executed and finished, but my personal preferences lean toward paintings in general.  His work is  very architectural and in the vein of still lifes with areas that open up into abstract sections with a focus on paint itself.  I love when paintings become very painterly, which basically means that the painter shows the qualities of paint or the process for a glimpse in the piece.  As a painter geek I appreciate these places in paintings, where the moves the artist made are not overly refined and are just some paint on canvas.  What was exciting about Grant’s newest piece was seeing how he solved the issue of working at such a large scale.  The result was a beautiful, colorful piece that worked at distance but also had some moments within the piece that were fun little pockets to visually explore up close.  I snagged some images from Disjecta’s FB page (love when other people take photos cause I rarely do) + have some of my own (of the piece) to show you >>>

This shot of Donny, who is 6’3.5″ gives some idea of scale…

Images via Jennifer Au + own.

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the roof.s been blown off

I like the direction of these newer pieces.  Paintings from my former professor Grant Hottle >>

Starter, 2010, Oil on canvas, 48 x 60 inches

So Majestic, 2010, Oil on canvas, 48 x 58 inches

Searchers, 2011, Oil on canvas, 60 x 72 inches

Artist | Grant Hottle

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Argyle by Grant Hottle

Messy Room by Grant Hottle

Two Story by Grant Hottle

So Romantic by Grant Hottle

Check out these rad paintings by Oregon grad Grant Hottle.  I took a couple classes from Grant, one when he was getting his Masters as a GTF and once as a Professor.  Now that I think of it, the first class I had with him was my first painting class ever.  I turned out some seriously terrible pieces too.  I remember one day Grant walked up to me and said, “That is a really shitty painting.”  I told him I knew that.  He said, “Yeah, but it’s almost so shitty It’s good” and walked away.

Anyway, his drawings are pretty kick ass too, so check it all out at

Or better yet, he has a show opening next Thursday October 14th called Stories, with a reception from 5-7. The show runs through November 12th.

[SAM Gallery, 1220 Third Ave., Seattle]

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