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from the depth

James Roper, The Ecstasy of Eva Angelina, 2010.

James Roper, The Ecstasy of Tera Patrick, 2006.

James Roper, The Ecstasy of Nikki Benz, 2009.

James Roper, The Ecstasy of Jessica Jaymes, 2009.

James Roper, Exit vehicle 1, 2006.

James Roper, Exit vehicle 2, 2006.

“I’m trying to get down to the fundamentals, it’s a kind of honesty, and you only get that if you dig in deep.”  -James Roper

“Desire, I feel, pushes me forward but has no real purpose, but within that process I’m trying to find knowledge as close to the Truth as possible, connect with it, understand it, and to try and pass that understanding on to others.  My work embodies those things and is the process through which I can give expression to it.  I’m trying to produce in the viewer a state of sensual and intellectual satisfaction almost as if they’ve found the thing I’ve been trying to look for in that process.”  -James Roper

_ excerpts from Volume 16 of Hi Fructose Magazine.

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