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laughs via Mitch Hedberg

In March of 2009 I spent a month in Indonesia with my family, Bali to be exact.  There was a yoga studio just across the rice fields from where we were staying and each morning we could hear laughter at a specific time.  When we heard it we knew they were doing laughter exercises, which give your body + soul the same positive effects, whether it’s forced or not.  But I noticed that whenever we heard it we would smile too, sometimes because it just sounds odd, but mostly because it’s so contagious.  I like to think about that, how positive energy spreads, even if it arose in a calculated way.

Anyway, as I drink my coffee and have a work from home AM I am cheering myself up with Mitch Hedberg videos >>

Here’s one for y’all.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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dogs are forever in the pushup position

I love Mitch Hedberg, and so does everyone else (if you don’t just go with it).  After seeing one of these mini animations people made from his jokes, I thought I’d put together a little compilation of awesomeness.  Genius.  RIP.

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