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This Thursday October 10th join me for the first-annual Portland Design Auction.  This inaugural event will showcase new, original works of art from a variety of disciplines including painting, photography, furniture, jewelry, sculpture and more.  In addition to the live auction at The Good Mod on Thursday evening in Portland, interested buyers can participate online starting today.  For all the details click here.

Up for bid is my latest piece “Outside In.”

About the piece:

As we continue to populate the Earth, space, light and the natural environment become increasingly scarce. Thinking about our human needs as well as being conscious of our demands on the planet, I decided to introduce a painting that is for beauty sake and at the same time addresses these needs. Beyond being looked at, this painting reflects its environment while also expanding the perception of the space and light. Through this process all that is included in this space becomes a part of the painting, highlighting ourselves as active participants in the artwork and our dwellings.



“Outside In” features a custom, live edge frame and is acrylic on glass.

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Design Week Portland

Starting tomorrow, Portland will be celebrating design with over 80 Events and 100+ Open Houses.  With so many events, there are bound to be a few that you would like to attend.  See the complete list here.

Keep an eye out for the first annual Portland Design Auction on Thursday October 10th at The Good Mod.  The PDA will be the first-annual Contemporary Art & Design Auction in Portland and will feature my piece “Outside In” as well as many other unique, one of a kind works of art.

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