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Nothing Gold Can Stay

Nature’s first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf’s a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.

– Robert Frost

Artist | Joshua Bronaugh


I chose the Robert Frost poem to go with these beautiful oil paintings by Joshua Bronaugh because, to me, his paintings seem to catch a fleeting moment.  It seems like the most painfully gorgeous things are temporary; a sunset, a leaf dancing in the wind, or the rush of a virgin experience.  In time the feelings subside somehow.  To catch this vibe in something that takes as long as an oil painting to create is beyond impressive.  And to do so in such a unique way and with such a strong palette draws me right in.  I need to see these in person, a computer screen never does an oil painting justice.

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