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happy weekend to ya

Ok let’s see >> this weekend I’ll be working another Toms Shoes event with Yoshimi, watching the Ducks redeem themselves (they better) and catching the Band of Horses show as a part of Music Fest Northwest.  This is the first year that I haven’t gotten a wrist band for the whole festival, but I think that this will be a good compromise.  In a couple weeks I’ll be seeing Bon Iver at Edgefield, which I am really looking forward to.

Live music cures all.

Cheers >> Cat

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I spent my afternoon working drawing on TOMS Shoes for an event called Style Your Soles at Nordstrom today.  Five local [Portland] artists, including myself, customized anyone’s TOMS for free and it was busy. The holiday shopping madness has clearly begun.  Yet, I had a great, stress-free time coloring everything from someone’s tattoo to something that would “make me feel like I’m walking on sunshine”.  Here are a couple samples of what I drew today, I wish I had taken more, but I was trying to bust out good work as speedy as I could.



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