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Have you listened to Zola Jesus yet?

Just heard her song Days Grow Old, it’s haunting + scratchy and everything a girl could ask for on a standard, grey n rainy Portland day.  What time is it anyway?  Best get to studio.

To listen to the track go here [and then come back, wink].

Image via Pretty Much Amazing.

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mfnw comes to an end

Yesterday, we spent the afternoon in Pioneer Square listening to the last acts of Musicfest NW.  We heard Talkdemonic, The Helio Sequence, The Watchmen and The National.  The weather was gorgeous, as was the setting and the music each band projected.  Throughout the week I had been looking forward to hearing The Helio Sequence, and the two man group didn’t disappoint.  If you haven’t heard their music, or any of the other acts for the matter, I highly suggest checking out their myspace pages and giving them a listen.  Finally, The National closed out the festival with their mellow, yet rocking set, which was also the end of their summer tour.  Check out the video I took of their song Bloodbuzz Ohio below.

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