my art work

My work is about discovery, adventure, and an intimate relationship with nature. I am interested in the physical texture of the materials I use, how that relates to the overall image, and leaving an air of the unknown behind for each viewer to fill in. Whether the piece is portraying something in a realistic way, or through abstraction, I do not try to lead the viewer down one specific path. My work is largely inspired by my life as a traveler. Changing landscapes, lines in nature, and the color combinations I have encountered all find themselves somewhere in my work. Much like a journey, my work is about the process as much as it is about the end result.

Destruction + Creation, oil on foam core, 2011.

Landslide #2, ink, colored pencil on paper, 2011.

Free Ski, oil on foam core, 2011.

Landslide #1, acrylic, ink on paper, 2011.

Into the Mist, oil on foam core, 2011.

Nebula, oil on foam core, 2011.

Washed Up, mixed media, 2011.

In The Dark, In The Woods, mixed media, 2011.

Soar, acrylic on canvas, 2011.

Headspace, acrylic on canvas, 2011.

Duo, acrylic on paper, 2011.

Belly of the Beast, acrylic on wood, 2011.

Warrior, acrylic on paper, 2010.

Pillow Talk, ink on paper, 2010.

Wishful Thinking, acrylic, pastel on paper, 2009.

Mmm Sleep, pastel on paper, 2009.

Go Go Dancer, acrylic, pastel on paper, 2009.

You Are Small, oil on canvas, 2010.

Don Tron, acrylic, ink on paper, 2010.

An Uphill Battle, ink on paper, 2009.

Space Case, acrylic on paper, 2009.

In The Dark, pastel on paper, 2008.

Strength, oil on canvas, 2008.

Hope, oil on canvas, 2008.

All artwork © Catherine Thompson 2008-12.

13 responses to “my art work

  1. Ghettosuperman


  2. brendan cooper

    Wow. Amazing. I’m speechless. Thank you!

  3. Angel

    Amazing work! I see so much diversity in your subject matter & style.
    Look forward to following you.

  4. Ra

    A Silent Film:
    I do apologise for this message, but since I am an older dude and refuse to join social networks, this was the only viable option I could find. If you can contact the band and let them know that “Driven by a Beating Heart” made it’s first appearance on KSJO San Jose/San Francisco during their Music Meeting tonight. Only due to the Strokes new song did “Driven by a Beating Heart” not go forward. I have complete confidence that it will make rotation in the coming weeks. It is far too good a song not to. I only included my blog address because you might find it a bit humorous and with a different take on Alt/Indie music. It’s new and just getting indexed etc. Again, I apologise. Thank you.

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  6. jay

    hi there hit me up xx

  7. Your work is ridiculously amazing. Do you sell any of it?

  8. I seriously love the shit out of your work. Wow.

  9. Brendafromtheplane

    I finally got to view your site. Amazing work. Very diverse and thought provoking. How did you Palm Springs exhibit go? Hope you had a great time! Don’t ever give up on your passion.

  10. sparks

    Wonderful work. I love “Wishful Thinking”.

  11. Simply Amazing. Nebula I Fell In Love With.

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